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Rent a private jet

Exclusive Charter tailor-made flights give you the luxury and flexibility to fly when and where you want, so you can make the most of your free time.

With Exclusive Charter executive flights in Europe and in the Mediterranean basin.

With Esclusive Charter you have the advantages of a private jet at lower costs than those of chartered flights, you optimize the logistics of your transfers and those of your management, you take advantage of the rich network of minor airports not served by scheduled flights to reach the airport. more to your travel destination, you can freely choose the time that best suits your needs.

With Esclusive Charter you guarantee you and the company maximum flexibility in air connections, full availability of the aircraft and low costs.

With Exclusive Charter flights in Italy and Euroa on various types of aircraft including the brand new Jet Citation Mustang C510 produced by Cessna and you can enjoy the comfort and functionality of its interiors in compliance with the same safety criteria as for airliners, of latest generation digital technologies and avionics, maximum environmental compatibility for low fuel consumption, reduced emissions of pollutants, low noise, low operating costs as well as the ability to land on runways less than 1000 meters long and fly up to 12,500 meters above the atmospheric perturbations.

With Esclusive Charter you have the advantages of a private jet by sharing the fixed costs of management, leasing, crews, maintenance, insurance, general and overhead costs, among multiple customers who use the same aircraft.

true progress is achieved when technology is within the reach of many.

Exclusive Charter ... a new way to fly.

With this philosophy Esclusive Charter was born.

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